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Oil Tubing

Standards:API Spec 5CT Uses:Tubing is used for extracting oil or gas from wells. Tread types: NUE, EUE, VAM, special clearance, XC,VAM TOP,NEW VAM....

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Oil Casing

Standards:API Spec 5CT Uses:Well Casing serves as well sidewall. Grade:J55, K55, N80-1,N80-Q, L80-1, L80-9Cr,L80-13Cr,​C95, P110. Tread types:STC, LTC, BTC, special clearance, XC,VAM TOP,NEW VAM....

API 5DP Drill Pipe,drill pipe oil drill pipe,api drill pipe,drilling pipe

Drill Pipe

Standard: API SPEC 5DP, API SPEC 7-1 HWDP Uses: Used for well drilling. Steel Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135 Dimension: 2 3/8"-- 6 5/8" Upset: EU,IEU Connection Type: NC,FH,REG ...

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe ,drill collar,HWDP,oil pipe,oil drill pipe

HW Drill Pipe/Drill Collar

Standard: API Spec7-1 OD: 3 1/2"~6 5/8" Material: 4145H, 4145H Mod and non-magnetic material Types:Integral and Friction welded / Integral Heavy Weight Drill Pipe / Integral Spiral Heavy Weight Dr...

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Pup Joint

Standard: API SPEC 5CT&5B / ISO11960 Grade: J55/K55/N80/L80/P110/C95 Outside Diameter of Tubing Joint: From 2-3/8"(60.3mm) to 4.5"(114.60mm) Pipe End: EUE/NUE Outside Diameter of Casing Joint: Fro...

Tubing and Casing Couplings,casing couplings,tubing couplings,oil couplings,couplings,coupling,

Tubing and Casing Couplings

Couplings are short lengths of pipe used to connect 2 joints of tubing or casing. They come with painted colour codes on their external surface to indicate their grades. Standard:API Spec 5CT and 5B ...

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Api 5CT Tubing, Api 5CT well casing, s135 drill pipe, Bestar steel