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What Types of Tempering Line Pipe

Date:2016-12-17      Views:386Time(s)      Label:line pipe, tempering line pipe    

According to GB/T9711.1 performance requirements of different pipeline steel pipe, according to the different tempering temperature and tempering can be divided into the following kinds:

1, low temperature tempering (150-250 degrees)Low temperature tempering income group as tempered martensite. Its aim is to keep a hardened steel under the premise of high hardness and high wear resistance, decrease the quenching stress and brittleness, lest when using split or premature failure. It is mainly used for cutting all kinds of high carbon cutting, measuring tool, GB/T9711.1 pipeline steel pipe, such as pieces of rolling bearing and carburizing.

2, medium temperature tempering (250-500 degrees)Organization for tempered troostite middle temperature tempering. Its purpose is to obtain high yield strength, elastic limit and high toughness. Therefore, it is mainly used for various kinds of GB/T9711.1 pipeline steel pipe and hot mould processing, after tempering hardness is HRC35-50 commonly.

3, high temperature tempering (500-650 degrees)High temperature tempering organization for tempering sorbite. Habit will be the combination of high temperature quenching and tempering heat treatment known as conditioning treatment, its purpose is to gain strength, hardness and plasticity, toughness is better comprehensive mechanical properties. Therefore, widely used in automobile, GB/T9711.1 pipeline steel, machine tools, such as the important structural components, such as connecting rod, bolts, gears and shaft. After tempering hardness for HB200 commonly - 330.Above is the several kinds of line pipe tempering temperature, in need of different materials, line pipe used tempering temperature is different.

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