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U Bend Tube

Date:2017-01-09      Views:351Time(s)      Label:U tube, U-tube    

U Tube is designed for high temperature applications, especially for steam condensing or hot oil system. This model is selected when differential expansion make fixed tube sheet exchanger unsuitable and when preclude floating head type HPF selection. The pressure 12 bar (g), the temperature -20°C to +250°C, Size range 80 thru 250dia, up to 6m long.

U-tube construction:

Units designed for liquid to liquid and steam to liquid applications.

Available in 2 or 4 pass construction.

Removable tube bundles for convenience in cleaning and inspection.

It is strong, durable construction with copper steel tubes and rugged cast-iron or steel head in standard units.

Coil and baffle arrangements designed to maximize heat transfer performance.

Tubes expanded into stationary tube sheet allow for tube expansions and contractions, due to thermal fluctuations, without causing stresses on the joints. Welding tubes to the tube sheet is optional.

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