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The Butt Welding Pipe Fitting

Date:2016-12-02      Views:415Time(s)      Label:butt welding pipe fitting, pipe fitting    

A butt welding pipe fitting means a pipe fitting which has the connecting end for butt welding(BW).The butt welding pipe fittings are used to connect with pipes or fittings with a same size and same schedule butt welding ends. The ends of the butt welding pipe fittings are plain ends or bevel ends.

Commonly the butt welding pipe fittings includes:

Pipe elbows (45/90/180 degree elbow, long radius elbow, short radius elbow),

Pipe tees (equal tee, reducing tee, lateral tee, barred tee, split tee),

Hot induction bends (3D,5D,7D bend),

Pipe reducers (concentric reducer, eccentric reducer),

Pipe caps, paddles, stub ends, pipe crosses.

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