U bend tube, advantage of U bend tube
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The Advantages for U Bend Tube

Date:2017-01-11      Views:374Time(s)      Label:U bend tube, advantage of U bend tube    

The advantage of U Bend Tube design cannot be ignored.

Connections that come in standardized sizes for easy assembly and feature additional thread and surface protection for clean installation;

U-bend tubes expanded into a tube sheet which allow for tube expansions and contractions due to thermal fluctuations;

Gaskets that are made of high quality compressed fibers which lends to reusability.

A standard cast-iron or steel head for heavy duty services;

Saddle attaches which make for quick and easy mounting.

Punched baffles with minimal clearances between tubes guaranteeing correct fluid flow and minimized bypass

A welded shell protected with high quality paint for corrosion resistance.

A copper steel tube is allowed for strong, durable performance over a wide range of applications. Unique tube bundle layout (chevron corrugated pattern) minimizes deposit buildup at the edges and optimizes media flow for high velocity flow turbulence.

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