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Seamless Casing and Tubing Characteristics

Date:2017-01-11      Views:372Time(s)      Label:seamless casing and tubing, tubing and casing    

Seamless oil casing pipe, oil and gas exploration in the largest amount of a pipe, it relies on male and female buckle which is screwed inside and outside and a series deep underground steel pipe work. Oil well casing pipe is the lifeline of its quality directly affects the success of drilling operations and the service life of oil and gas wells, related to the oil fields and the manufacturer's economic benefits.

Seamless oil casing pipe failure is one of the main problems encountered for each oil field, particularly among the most serious failure of the threaded joint. According to statistics, the oil casing failure occurs in about 64% of accidents threaded connections, the domestic this figure is as high as 86%, securing oil casing threaded joints are the weak link in the oil casing string, therefore, increase the thread connection quality is a key factor in ensuring the quality of the column. Oil casing threaded connections used in the stress distribution directly determines the strength of the connection string.

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