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Q345 Fluid Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe

Date:2016-12-27      Views:365Time(s)      Label:seamless steel pipe, seamless carbon steel pipe    

Q345 fluid seamless carbon steel pipe mechanical performance is good, it have good ductility and weld ability, it used widely in life.

Chemical content of Q345 fluid seamless steel pipe:

C≤0.20; Mn≤1.70; Si≤0.50; P≤0.035; S≤0.035; Al≥0.015

Thickness: 1-60mm;

Outer diameter: 20-900mm

Technique: hot rolled

Surface treatment: galvanized

Application: Used for structural, mechanical parts, building structures, metal structures in general, hot-rolled or normalizing the status of the low-pressure vessels, tanks, vehicles, cranes, mining machinery, power stations and bridges to withstand dynamic load use, can be used to -40 ℃ various structures the cold regions.

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