PWHT, post weld head treatment
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Post Weld Head Treatment Process

Date:2017-06-19      Views:321Time(s)      Label:PWHT, post weld head treatment    

Whole heat treatment

Pipe assembly which should be post weld head treatment treated in the heat treatment furnace as far as possible, but the component should not be welded with the valve and other components.

Subsection heat treatment

When the welded pipeline components cannot add heat treatment furnace, heat treatment allows segmentation. In the subsection heat treatment, the length of the repeated heating is at least 300mm, at the same time, it is necessary to protect the outer part of the furnace, in order to prevent harmful temperature gradient.

Local heat treatment

When local heat treatment is applied weld joints, a circumferential band of the run pipe, and of the branch where applicable, shall be heated until the specified temperature range exists over the entire pipe section, gradually diminishing beyond a band which includes the weldment or the bent or formed section and at least 25mm beyond the ends thereof.