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Heat Exchanger Tube

Date:2017-01-09      Views:420Time(s)      Label:heat-exchanger tube, steel tube    

Heat-exchanger equipment, pipelines and pipeline components, Heat exchanger tube are used in all types of process industries.

Outside Diameter: 6 - 830mm

Wall Thickness: 0.50 - 60mm


EN 10216-5; DIN 17456, DIN 17458, DIN 2462, DIN 17455;

ASTM A213, A269, A312, A511, A789, A790, A928, A999, A1016, ASTM B161, ASTM B163, ASTM B165, ASTM B167, ASTM B338, ASTM B407, ASTM B423, ASTM B444,ASTM B619, ASTM B622, ASTM B626, ASTM B668, ASTM B677, ASTM B829;

JIS G3459, JIS G3463, JIS G3446, JIS G3447, JIS G3448, JIS G3468;

GOST 9940, GOST 994; GB/T14975, T14976, T13296, GB5310;

Tubes End: The tubes are supplied plain, square cut and on request, the tubes will be deburred. 

Application: Nuclear Industry, Chemical Industry, Petrochemical industry, HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), refrigeration, Power Generation.

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