Geological drilling pipe
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Geological drilling pipe

Date:2015-11-09      Views:721Time(s)      Label:Geological drilling pipe    

Geological drilling pipes(YB235-70) is for core drilling for geological department of tubes to be used is a kind of hollow cross-section, no seams around the long bar of steel. Steel hollow section with a large number of channels used for transmitting fluids, such as transmission oil, gas, gas, water and some solid materials, pipes and so on. Use can be divided into the drill pipe, drill collar, core pipe, casing and precipitation tubes.

Drill collar (drill collar): in the lower part of the drill string, bottom hole assembly is a major component. Its main feature is a large wall thickness (typically 38 ~ 53mm, the equivalent of drill pipe wall thickness of 4 to 6 times), with great gravity and stiffness. There are many different collar shapes, such as round, square, triangle and spiral. The most common is round (smooth) and spiral drill collar drill collar two.

Casing pipe: set the other parts of the tube, the cross section is circular, a variety of other devices used to protect the pipe material, mostly iron and steel. Casing is placed in large diameter pipes the naked eye, and the need to use cement. Designers must be designed well to withstand a variety of sets of external forces, such as collision, burst, tension, etc., and chemical erosion.

Geological control, the practical application of geological drilling pipe: To explore the underground rock structures, groundwater, oil, gas and mineral resources, the use of drilling wells. Oil, natural gas and even less from wells, geological drilling seamless steel pipe is the main drilling equipment, including core outer tube, core tube, casing, drill pipe and so on. As the drilling pipe to work deep into the depth of several kilometers formation, working conditions is extremely complex, drill pipe under tensile, compressive, bending, twisting and uneven stress such as impact loading, but also by the mud, rock wear, therefore, required pipe must have sufficient strength, hardness, wear resistance and toughness, steel pipe with "DZ" (geology Pinyin prefix) plus a representative number, said yield point of steel, used steel has DZ45 of 45MnB, 50Mn; DZ50 of 40Mn2, 40Mn2Si; DZ55 of 40Mn2Mo, 40MnVB; DZ60 of 40MnMoB, DZ65 the 27MnMoVB. Steel have to heat treatment delivery.

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