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Comparison for Welded and Seamless Steel Line Pipe

Date:2017-06-16      Views:293Time(s)      Label:weld line pipe, seamless line pipe    

There are two types of line pipe, one is welding steel tube and the other is seamless steel pipe. Both have different uses.

The main advantages of welded tubes and pipes are their lower inherent cost, narrower tolerances for wall thickness, concentricity (OD/ID) and internal surfaces that can be checked prior to manufacture. They also allow larger diameters and longer lengths to be produced. In addition to faster delivery times for welded tubes, there is the added advantage of lower economical risk.

Despite many advantages with welded tubes, seamless tubes are still widely used and the two products generally complement each other. More commonly it is subjective reasons such as habit, limited experience and lack of trust in longitudinal welds that leads to seamless being chosen. When comparing seamless tubes to welded, the following arguments are often used as benefits of seamless tubes: Not having a heat-affected zone, better corrosion resistance, more homogeneous grain structure, no extra weld integrity testing, no problem with weld-seam orientation and no need for pressure de-rating.