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China 's Foreign Trade: Get Rid of Speed, Consolidate Stable to Better

Date:2017-01-18      Views:458Time(s)      Label:bestar, shinestar group    

“It is critically important that we accurately understand the relationship between foreign trade growth and adjustment structure,steady growth is the basis for structural adjustment,Adjusting the structure is a means of steady growth.”Ministry of Commerce in the 2016 business work conference that foreign trade development expressed as the relationship between"two wheels". As a carbon seamless steel pipe, boiler tube, API 5CT well casing, API 5CT Tubing, API 5DP drill pipe, pup joint, line pipe, welded steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe and other products of steel production service provider, Shinestar Group has been paying close attention to the development of foreign trade.Today Shinestar Institute of Iron and Steel give a brief analysis of iron and steel institute about China's current situation of foreign trade.

For the 2016 foreign trade situation, we can use "stabilize for the better" to describe. Actually,stable performance in the decline narrowed.For example,from a quarter of 7.2% decline in imports and exports to the second quarter fell 0.2%, to the third quarter growth of 1.1%, foreign trade trend quarter by quarter stabilized.The better performance is the structural optimization,in the first 11 months, exports of large-scale complete sets of equipment increased by more than 5%; general trade and processing trade accounted for 0.9 and 1 percentage points respectively; trade in services accounted for 18% of total foreign trade,increased by 2.3 percentage point.

The Ministry of Commerce in the business work conference did not talk about 2017 foreign trade growth targets. Shinestar Institute of Iron and Steel thinks that do not set specific targets more in line with the law of economic development.In the open economy, the external impact of the world economy can not be controlled, the objective of the growth of foreign trade to get rid of speed complex.For next year's foreign trade situation, the vice president of the Ministry of Commerce pointed out that next year's foreign trade uncertainties will increase, but the trend of foreign trade to stabilize significantly, a series of policies to promote the development of foreign trade is the effect of next year's foreign trade situation or better than this year.

"In this sense, the future of China's foreign trade is room for development, space not only from research and development, innovation and knowledge-based economy to lead a new type of industrialization, but also the development of new industries, From the new technology, new model of the transformation of traditional industries. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to rely on the reform of institutional mechanisms to release innovative vitality, by improving the business environment to stimulate development momentum.

The Ministry of Commerce pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the innovation-driven, through the R & D design, brand, service and value chain, industrial chain, supply chain upgrade, promote China's export industry to high-end. Ministry of Commerce, Deputy Director of Foreign Trade, said a good focus on long-term foreign trade enterprises focus on a particular area, emphasizing the spirit of craftsmen, pay attention to continuous innovation, attention to R & D investment, brand development, and international network construction, which are worth learning from experience.

Strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of foreign trade, consolidate a good trend to become the Ministry of Commerce next focus. Ministry of Commerce will continue to promote the policy has been introduced to promote the transfer of processing trade gradient and transformation and upgrading to further improve the level of customs clearance to optimize the import and export structure, and promote innovation and development of trade in services. Shinestar Group will make full use of China's foreign trade to the favorable situation, and strive to develop their own to produce more high-quality carbon seamless steel pipe, boiler tube, API 5CT well casing, API 5CT Tubing, API 5DP drill pipe, pup joint, line pipe, welded steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe and other products in the international market to a new level.