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Carbon Steel Pipe Characteristics

Date:2017-01-14      Views:459Time(s)      Label:carbon steel pipe, carbon steel pipe characteristics    

The characteristics of carbon steel pipe are a whole the steel tube of the beautiful, corrosion resistance and the carbon steel of high strength and low cost. It widely used in the chemical industry, shipbuilding, construction and other industries. Current domestic carbon steel pipe is common way to produce technical time long, the poor interface straightness, develop a new efficient composite panels produced method has very important theoretical and application value. Brazing as a kind of heterogeneous information useful cohesion method has been applied in many categories, and high frequency induction brazing because it can choose heating, heating speed, low equipment needs and has been more and more people pay attention to. With brass solder, this article selects the high frequency induction brazing method of preparation of carbon steel pipes, carbon steel/stainless steel with brass solder's gap melting, damp, spreading good metallurgical connection between.

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