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Carbon Steel Pipe Bending Forming the Basic Process

Date:2016-12-14      Views:403Time(s)      Label:carbon steel pipe, carbon steel pipe bending forming    

Carbon steel pipe application area: oil, natural gas, chemical industry, water and electricity, construction and boiler piping system.

Carbon steel pipe bending forming process is suitable for the manufacturing work pressure is less than 10 mpa, bend diameter d125mm, bend and bend diameter D in any Angle, diameter D D/d1.5 and bend diameter size is not restricted. Processing can bend diameter is 12 m, for example, to large elbow bend is 60 m in diameter.

Carbon steel pipe bending forming the basic process: First, welding a cross section of a polygon or both ends closed multi multi ring shell fan shell, internal filled with medium pressure, with inner pressure and internal pressure under the action of cross section of polygonal gradually became round, and eventually become a circular ring shell.

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