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Butt Welding Pipe Fitting Standard

Date:2016-12-15      Views:405Time(s)      Label:butt welding pipe fitting, welding pipe fitting    

The butt welding pipe fittings according to standard: ASME, ANSI, EN, DIN, JIS, GOST, MSS etc.

In ASME/ANSI standard, butt welding pipe fittings technical requirements are specified in the standard ASME/ANSI B16.9, including all the types of pipe fittings. In En standard, it’s EN10253 standard for the butt welding pipe fittings. In JIS, DIN, GOST standard, different type of butt welding fittings is in different standard number. For example, JIS B2311, B2312, B2313 or GOST 17373, GOST 17375, GOST 17376, GOST 17378 etc. There are also some other standards about butt welding pipe fittings like: MSS SP-43, MSS SP-75, ASME B16.49.

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