Brief Introduction of Black Steel Pipe
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Brief Introduction of Black Steel Pipe

Date:2015-07-21      Views:686Time(s)      Label:Brief Introduction of Black Steel Pipe    

Being a high-strength steel, it is mainly used in the oil and petroleum industry to carry large quantities of gas and oil. Commonly it is used for gas distribution into houses, carrying portable water from boilers and water drainage. Besides, black pipe can also be used to protect electrical wiring. Before the 1960s, black steel pipe was widely used in homes. The black steel pipe is usually used for gas lines, gas distribution actually since it is rather durable in comparison with other steel pipe tyes. Propane gas is also distributed by using black steel  pipe both inside and outside the house. Similar to natural gas, propane gas is distributed to furnaces, fireplaces and stoves inside the house. The storage line often goes to a propane supply tank installed outside the house. In homes built in the 1960s black steel pipe is often chosen to transport water either from the wells or the main water supply line to the inside of houses. Also thanks to its durability, black pipe is used for hot-water circulation system found in businesses, schools and industrial applications. In the oil and petroleum industry, black steel pipe is used because of its durability and strength. Black pipe is used for oil refiners, oil rigs and offshore refiners as well.

Different from many types of pipes, black pipe can be installed underground. It is available in lengths that are pre-threaded. A hardware store will typically cut the pipe to order and thread it. Larger diameter black pipe is welded instead of threaded. Compared to many other types of pipe, black pipe is harder to work with because it requires cast iron fitting and special tools, such as a tube cutter and a pipe vise. Because steel will corrode after exposure to water for a long period of time, it has largely been replaced by PVC pipe. For residential water lines, drain waste lines and vent lines, many people prefer PVC pipe to black steel pipe.

Black steel pipe and galvanized steel pipe are confusingly similar in appearance. Black pipe is mainly used to deliver gas and air to houses and buildings, while galvanized pipe is often used for non-residential water fixtures and outdoor construction uses such as fence posts or rails. There are several ways to tell black pipe for galvanized pipe, which are as follows:

1. Examine the surface color of the pipe. Black steel is a flat black, and galvanized pipe is a silver and gray.

2. Follow the pipe to its source. If the pipe is being used to supply water, it is most  likely galvanized. If the pipe delivers natural gas, it is most likely black steel.

3. Figure out the age of the home by asking the owner or looking under toilet lids for a date stamp. If the house was built after 1950, there is a highly probable that it is black steel since galvanize stopped being installed around this period.

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