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API 5CT L80 Petroleum Steel Tubing

Date:2016-12-14      Views:443Time(s)      Label:L80 tubing, API 5CT L80 tubing    

The API 5CT L80 petroleum steel tubing primarily serves to transfer oil and gas. Mainly includes three types, such as L80-1, L80-9Cr and L80-13Cr. All of them can provide outstanding corrosion resistance. In addition, they all possess the yield strength of 552 to 655MPa and the tensile strength of above 655MPa, providing wonderful mechanical properties. The surface of our product is processed by heat treatment, which makes smooth appearance without any phenomenon like crease, hairline, separation, crack or scab.

Major factors that may influence the strength of materials include chemical composition, rolling technology, as well as technology for heat processing. The rolling factor makes small influence on the L80 petroleum steel tubing that has been quenched and tempered. Thus, the main working procedures for this product strength are steeling making and heat processing.

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