2017 china's iron and steel de-capacity still far-reaching
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2017 China's Iron and Steel DE- capacity Still Far-reaching

Date:2016-12-22      Views:426Time(s)      Label:2017 china's iron and steel de-capacity still far-reaching    

In the recent central economic work conference concluded, gave a summary to economic work in 2016 and has made an overall arrangement to production capacity to 2017, to resolve to continue to promote the iron and steel industry overcapacity, the disposal of "zombie" companies that gap, to create conditions to promote enterprise merger and reorganization. Meeting also showed that to further promote the "three to one drop a supplement", continue to promote the iron and steel industry to resolve the excess capacity, prevent already resolve the excess capacity of the resurgence.

2016 is the year of steel production capacity to a difficult task. At all levels of government responsibility is decomposed to capacity, have begun to pay off in the short term, according to the national development and reform commission, the relevant data, annual 45 million tons of iron and steel production capacity to target task has been completed. This from the second half of the Angle steel, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel and other industrial products prices have rebounded to see, because the price is the most sensitive indicators reflect market supply and demand.

In 2017, to production work will be conducted from three angles: close down backward production facilities, strict controls of new capacity, orderly exit excess capacity, step by step guide technology, scale, quality standard and unsafe mineral orderly exit. At the same time, due to the full to capacity will lead to more complex placement and debt deal with the problem, not to force rapid advance, therefore, the government also introduced a "276 - day limit production system", actually in the process of "capacity" and "production", can bring the supply and demand to improve faster, raise prices, further enhance corporate profits.

Shinestar of iron and steel research institute believes that under the dual function to production capacity and, in 2016 iron and steel enterprise profit really get improved significantly, at the same time also brought the current supply and demand gap continues to expand, coal prices rising real problem. To this, the national development and reform commission stressed several times overcapacity problem in our country at present is still serious, do not have the basis of large price increases.

For iron and steel enterprises, to production should not only stay in a slogan, it should be in the form of marketization and government by law advance to work capacity, in particular to the strict environmental protection and energy consumption, quality, safety and other relevant laws and regulations and standard, constant development and self-improvement, to meet all reasonable requirements of customers.

As the overall service standard in the field of steel enterprises, the future Shinestar of iron and steel group will be ready to take the lead role, further integrate its own resources advantage, improve Angle steel, galvanized Angle steel, channel steel, galvanized channel steel and other products production capacity and profitability, reduce inventory, eliminate backward production capacity, evading market risk, improve the level of corporate profits, in the steel industry healthy and stable development efforts.